THE BEETLE on Yle Areena until spring 2019

IHME Project 2018: Henrik Håkansson: THE BEETLE.

The artwork commissioned for the 2018 IHME Contemporary Art Festival – the Swedish artist Henrik Håkansson’s film THE BEETLE – will be viewable online on Yle Areena until 25 May 2019.

The film gives a voice to the Hylochares cruentatus beetle, which is only known to occur around the Mätäjoki River in Vantaa, Finland. In choosing the beetle as the focus of his work, Håkansson raises topics that have come to public awareness in recent years: global warming, mass extinction of species, and the relationship between humankind and nature.

The film’s soundtrack is from a live performance at the 2015 Sonár Festival by the Finnish pioneer of experimental electronic music Mika Vainio.

A discussion and several talks hosted by this year’s IHME Festival can also be seen in edited form on the Festival’s YouTube channel.

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