IHME Evening = Wikimarathon + Speech Karaoke on 1 December


This year’s IHME Evening, which is open to all, will take place in the Attic (“Vintti”) at Korjaamo Cultural Factory at 14:00-22:00 on Saturday 1 December. This year, IHME is inviting current and future friends to join in a Wikimarathon and Speech Karaoke to help get the 10-year-old Festival seen and heard.

IHME Wikimarathon

The day begins at 14:00 with the IHME Wikimarathon, which aims to draft an article about all ten IHME Projects in a quick dash lasting less than four hours. Will the world get to know where Christian Boltanski sent the heartbeats recorded in Finland for The Heart Archive (2012)? Or why decaying bay willows should not be cleared from Vantaa’s Mätäjoki River? And why would an artist want to put buskers on all Helsinki’s tram routes? Come and look for the answers and give contemporary art greater visibility!

So far, Finnish-language Wikipedia only has an article about one IHME Project. The Wikimarathon is intended to rectify that situation, and to make information about IHME’s time-and-place-specific artworks available to all. Brief introductory talks will be given by the President of Wikimedia Suomi Heikki Kastemaa, Chair of Pro Arte Foundation Finland Tuula Arkio and Executive Director Paula Toppila.

You don’t need previous experience of editing Wikipedia or knowledge of IHME Projects to participate in the occasion: help from the organizers will be available on the spot. We will provide you with materials on which to base your work on the article. The only thing that participants need to bring is a laptop.

Wikimarathon participants will be served a light lunch. Therefore, we wish all Wikimarathon participants to enroll through this link at the latest on 23 November. You might want to create a Wikipedia username in advance.

Speech karaoke

After reaching the Wikimarathon finishing line there will be a chance to hear the best bits of the talks given at the Festival in Speech Karaoke. The karaoke, in which you give your interpretation of talks rather than songs, will run from 19:00 to 22:00.

Talks on art have been compiled into a karaoke catalogue. In honour of the IHME Evening, also ten speeches already heard at IHME Festivals, will be included. Speech Karaoke is a hilarious way of getting to know IHME’s history – and maybe even a chance to try out your own speaking skills.


The entire programme is open to both old and new acquaintances, and participation is free. The Attic at Korjaamo is accessible for wheelchair users.

What? IHME Evening = Wikimarathon + Speech Karaoke
Where? The Attic (“Vintti”) at Korjaamo, Töölönkatu 51, Helsinki (location and further instructions)
When? At 14-22 on Saturday 1 December; Wikimarathon at 14:00-18:00, Speech karaoke at 19:00-22:00
Registration? We ask Wikimarathon participants to register beforehand here (latest on 23 November). If you are participating only in Speech karaoke, you don’t have to enroll.
Language? We are flexible with the language. English-speakers are warmly welcome.

You are welcome to come and spend a moment or an entire December day with us!