IHME’s Christmas donation goes to nature


This year, the IHME Festival is donating its Christmas card funds to the Finnish Foundation for Nature Conservation, which awards grants for scientific, artistic and literary work on environmental and nature conservation.

Work on the theme of the environment only just begun

Donating money to a body that supports nature conservation fits in seamlessly with IHME’s new concept announced in November.

“Behind the change in our operating model is our idea that we can wake people up to think about the future of the planet and about ways we can influence it,” says Executive Director of Pro Arte Foundation Finland Paula Toppila.

The road to this new concept, which involves collaboration between artists and scientists, was signposted by the 2018 IHME Project: Henrik Håkansson’s THE BEETLE. In the spirit of this film about the threatened halavasepikkä beetle our 2017 Christmas donation went to work on protecting local nature done by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

Aid to numerous projects

The Finnish Foundation for Nature Conservation was founded in 1962 to support nature and environmental conservation and related research. The Foundation also funds artistic work that relates to the environment: in 2018, grant recipients included the Lichen Festival run by the Mustarinda Association, Viola Räisänen’s Sananjalka ja tuulen sävel (bracken fern and the song of the wind) forest concert series, and Noora Kauppila’s Itku äidin haudalla (weeping on mother’s grave) concert series, which investigated the Karelian weeping tradition as a form of collective mourning at a time of concern for the environment.

Donations to the Finnish Foundation for Nature Conservation can be made to bank account FI18 1555 3000 1188 45. More information on the Foundation’s website >

IHME wishes its partners in collaboration, followers and friends in other species a relaxing festive season!