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IHME Helsinki is an art commissioning agency. Read more about the operating model of IHME Helsinki and our mission.

You can also have a closer look at the festivals arranged in 2009–18 through our Youtube channel.

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Contact Information

IHME / Pro Arte Foundation Finland
Kalevankatu 4, 2nd floor
00100 Helsinki, Finland


Executive Director Paula Toppila, tel. +358-45-1240096

Communications Planner Saara Moisio, tel. +358-45-2350080

Eco-coordinator Saara Korpela

Environmental pledge

IHME is committed to:
• Promoting art that gives people a chance to deal with feelings and information about the environmental crisis
• Promoting eco-social education
• Monitoring the carbon footprint of its operations and their impact on biodiversity
• Cutting down on the atmospheric emissions generated by its travel, energy consumption, catering, purchases and waste management, and by offsetting any remaining emissions
• Choosing services that are as environment-friendly as possible and developing environment-friendly operating models with its partners in collaboration
• Sharing information about its environmental work

Carbon footprint

IHME’s carbon footprint has been calculated using the calculator created by Hiilifiksu järjestö (carbon-smart organization) project. The calculator is divided into sub-areas: energy, transport, purchases, waste and services. It uses the latest data on the climate impacts of flying and food.

The yearly carbon emissions of IHME

  • In 2020, the total carbon footprint of IHME was 4200 kg CO2e
    • Basic operations (office and administration) – 4000 kg CO2e
    • Listening Through the Dead Zones kick-off event – 200 kg CO2e
  • In 2021, the total carbon footprint of IHME was 12000 kg CO2e
    • Basic operations (office and administration) – 3000 kg CO2e
    • Listening Through the Dead Zones – 5000 kg CO2e
    • To Burn, Forest, Fire – 4000 kg

The biggest sources of emissions

  • In 2020
    • Office heating and electricity (45 %) and travel (30 %)
  • In 2021
    • Office heating (55 %), services (20 %), procurement (20 %)
    • Listening Through the Dead Zones – travel (70 %) and transportation (25 %)
    • To Burn, Forest, Fire – travel and accommodation (95%)

The emissions of IHME have been offset via Ilmastoapu and Hiilipörssi.

More information: Ecologically sustainable principles of IHME, IHME Ecoblog and links to ecological information.