Info & CO₂e

IHME Helsinki is an art commissioning agency. Read more about the new operating model of IHME Helsinki and about the first IHME Helsinki Project 2020. Read more about our mission.

You can also have a closer look at the festivals arranged in 2009–18 through our Youtube channel.

Our contact and billing information can be found here. You can reach us also by email at

Contact Information

IHME / Pro Arte Foundation Finland
Kalevankatu 4, 2nd floor
00100 Helsinki, Finland


Executive Director Paula Toppila, tel. +358-45-1240096

Cultural Producer Päivi Matala, tel. +358-45-2350080

Eco-coordinator Saara Korpela, tel. 045 6326267 (Mon – Thu 9:30 – 15)

Carbon footprint

IHME Helsinki addresses the climate challenge by hiring an eco-coordinator. The eco-coordinator is responsible for designing, implementing, evaluating and communicating ecologically sustainable practices. The eco-coordinator will calculate IHME Helsinki’s climate emissions and seek less-impactful alternatives for e.g. heat and electricity consumption as well as business travels.

IHME office has previously calculated the carbon footprint of its basic operations for one month (August 2018) using an online tool produced by Julie´s Bicycle. That footprint was 220,7 CO₂e kg, which is an extremely good result according to the service. The tool, designed especially for use by cultural organizations, bases its carbon-footprint calculation on energy and water used, waste produced, and travelling and commuting.

We in IHME also want to encourage other cultural-sector actors to find out the environmental impacts of their operations and to share tips on reducing them. Read more on our news page and share your tips with us!