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IHME Helsinki is an art commissioning agency. Read more about the new operating model of IHME Helsinki and about the first IHME Helsinki Project 2020. Read more about our mission.

You can also have a closer look at the festivals arranged in 2009–18 through our Youtube channel.

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Contact Information

IHME / Pro Arte Foundation Finland
Kalevankatu 4, 2nd floor
00100 Helsinki, Finland


Executive Director Paula Toppila, tel. +358-45-1240096

Cultural Producer Päivi Matala, tel. +358-45-2350080

Eco-coordinator Saara Korpela

Environmental pledge

IHME is committed to:
• Promoting art that gives people a chance to deal with feelings and information about the environmental crisis
• Monitoring the carbon footprint of its operations and their impact on biodiversity
• Cutting down on the atmospheric emissions generated by its travel, energy consumption, catering, purchases and waste management, and by offsetting any remaining emissions
• Choosing services that are as environment-friendly as possible and developing environment-friendly operating models with its partners in collaboration
• Sharing information about its environmental work

Carbon footprint

IHME’s carbon footprint has been calculated using the calculator created by Hiilifiksu järjestö (carbon-smart organization) project. The calculator is divided into sub-areas: energy, transport, purchases, waste and services. It also uses the latest data on the climate impacts of flying and food.

In 2020, IHME’s emissions were 4240 kg CO2e. The biggest sources of emissions were energy (47%) and travel (32%). Of emissions from energy consumption 70% were caused by heating, the rest by electricity consumption. Even though corona measures restricted flying in particular, flights generated 90% of travel emissions. Of IHME’s total emissions only 4% came from purchases/purchased goods and services, and 1% from waste management.

IHME’s operations generate the following emissions:

  • Basic operations (70% office, 30% management) – 4006 kg
  • The Night of Science – 10 kg
  • Film screening in partnership with the Academy of Moving People and Images – 34 kg
  • Listening Through the Dead Zones kick-off event – 174 kg
  • Ecoseminar “Environmental crisis – from words to deeds in the field of art” – 62 kg, of which IHME’s share 16 kg* (details below)

* There is limited reliable data on digital carbon footprints, and they are not yet taken into account by carbon-footprint calculators. According to recent research, because of the various options, the carbon footprint of a remote meeting can range from 150–1000 g CO2e/hour. According to this coefficient, the carbon footprint from streaming the Ecoseminar was about 190–1280 kg. Since four bodies arranged the seminar*, IHME’s share of the emissions is a quarter, 48–320 kg.

At IHME 2020 was an exception, since its main production – a work by an internationally renowned artist – was postponed until 2021 due to corona pandemics.

IHME’s emissions have been compensated for by investing via  Ilmastoapu in a Gold Standard Verified Emission Reduction project.

More information: IHME Ecoblog and links to ecological information.