Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

IHME Helsinki offers experiential information related to its artworks and arranges opportunities for participation related to those works. IHME’s programme, which is always free of charge, is intended for everyone interested in contemporary art and the environment.

For more about IHME School, TET work experience, the work of the IHME Panel, and other current opportunities to participate, ask our Producer paivi.matala[at] or +358 (0)45 235 0080.

Welcome to IHME!

IHME School

The cooperation with schools, educational institutes and partners in collaboration known as IHME School is ending for the present. Thank you to our partners of many years and to all of the 12,849 people who took part in IHME School in 2009-2018! The teaching materials on the various IHME Projects produced by art-education professionals will still be available in PDF format from the Producer.

‘TET’ work experience at IHME

Want to spend time getting to know about cultural work in practice? Read about Maria Donner’s and Venny Vestenius’ time as work-experience trainees here. If you want to do your work experience at IHME or you are a study advisor, find out more about Cultural TET at IHME from the Producer.

IHME Panel

The IHME Panel is at the core of IHME’s audience work – a discussion forum that meets 2-3 times a year. Panellists’ opinions are important to us! We ask the Client Panel member’s views to aid communications, client services and project accessibility; we are excited by new ideas and honest feedback. We offer this group of volunteers a look behind the scenes of contemporary art, encounters with people on the art scene, and invitations to trial events and enjoyable evenings. Go ahead and contact IHME’s Producer – and join in!

You can see programmes from IHME Festivals 2009–18 in the History section >