Fifth IHME Contemporary Art Festival: Open and Surprising


Press Release 18.04.2013

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Participatory art creates democratic culture that is not pre-digested consumption.

IHME event was distinguished by the fact that it was a free for all. Equality, regardless of income.

– Excerpts from the audience feedback


Theme for this year’s IHME Contemporary Art Festival was art that seeks change. The theme originated from Signals, IHME Project 2013 by the Polish artist Miroslaw Balka. The project was carried out in cooperation with eight city communities, for whose important issues the IHME Project created an open discussion forum. The questions were discussed by the residents, experts, and politicians alike. IHME Project supported the efforts for urban local democracy, created a feeling of multi-leveled community, and established connections between different city districts. The discussions of the IHME Project Communication Points can be viewed on IHME YouTube channel.

The IHME Days speech programme attracted a record audience in the Old Student House. The biggest hits were The Trial, with Tuomas Nevanlinna as the judge and chairman, the IHME Marathon, and the film programme. Nato Thompson, curator at Creative Time New York, was the crowd favourite. His clear and direct way of talking about art in public spaces appealed to the audience.

IHME Days speeches are now available on IHME YouTube channel. The online publication of the festival will come out in the autumn 2013 on the Festival website:

IHME welcomes your feedback as we aim to develop our programme and marketing. Give feedback on the IHME website or send an e-mail to From the feedback already received, IHME is best described as “surprising” and “open”.

The next IHME Days will take place again in March-April 2014.


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