IHME 2015 Programme Announced


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IHME 2015: Star objects and rock documentaries

“The seventh IHME Project is an art of encounters and conversations. In the midst of their everyday lives the public can encounter objects that are actually from the age of the dinosaurs, or older than the Earth. For an instant, past and present are one, and can even be touched.”

– Paula Toppila, IHME Executive Director

For the seventh time, the annual IHME is staging the works of a leading international artist for the Finnish public. IHME is presenting an artwork by the Brit Jeremy Deller. In his commissioned work Do Touch he will bring objects from historical museums and their stories to where the people are, into public spaces in the Metropolitan Helsinki area (16–22.3.2015). More details >

Today, IHME is releasing details of Jeremy Deller’s round-the-clock compilation of a vast series of rock documentaries, 24 Hour Rockshow. Deller’s film choices are contemporary documentaries that convey phenomena in music, made when they were still fresh. 24 Hour Rockshow is part of the programme of the IHME Days at the Old Student House on 27–29.3. More details >

This year’s IHME Days begin with a classic work that marked one of Jeremy Deller’s breakthroughs into the world of art, Acid Brass (1997). In the work the 30-person Töölö Brass Band will play experimental electronic-music hits (Friday 27.3). More details >

The IHME Project’s partner museums are the Design Museum, Helsinki City Museum, National Museum of Finland, Finnish Museum of Natural History, Military Museum of Finland, Museum of Technology and Customs Museum. IHME’s venue partners are Töölö Sports Hall, Helsinki Central Railway Station Compass level, Itis Shopping Centre, Shopping Centre Kaari, Kamppi Shopping Center, Myyrmanni Shopping Centre and Leppävaara Health Centre, Espoo.

Entry to all IHME events is free. Full Festival programme here >

Also see the Festival’s art-education projects, IHME School – here >


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IHME Contemporary Art Festival Executive director Paula Toppila, paula.toppila@ihmefestival.fi, +358(0)45 124 0096

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Each year, IHME produces a work by an international artist in public space. The public can witness the genesis of this unique artwork. The work and the interpretations it evokes encourage independent thought and discussion. Art and science, past and present meet in a multi-faceted programme. IHME is open to everyone who is interested in contemporary art and life.