IHME adopts a new operating model


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IHME, which is known as a contemporary art festival, is in transformation. In the new operating model the selected artist will carry out a project in collaboration with researchers. The aim of this innovative departure is to explore the possibilities for cooperation between art and research, to spark critical discussion, and to use a single artwork to contemplate possible futures in the midst of our planet’s sustainability crisis. New IHMEs are coming in 2020-22.

After a decade of productive work, and in response to changes in its operating environment, IHME is seeking to increase its impact by focusing solely on its annual art productions. In future the IHME Project can also be realized outside of Finland’s borders.

“We want to explore the possibilities for extending both content and production partnerships outside of Finland. Everything starts from our choices of artists, and the first negotiations on collaborative projects are currently under way,” says Executive Director of Pro Arte Foundation Finland Paula Toppila.

This new operating model is being made possible by three Finnish foundations. Pro Arte Foundation Finland launched the IHME Contemporary Art Festival in 2008 and Kone Foundation has been backing our work since 2015. IHME’s activities now have a new funder: the Saastamoinen Foundation, which like Kone Foundation supports both science and art. “The fact that these three major Finnish Foundations are collaborating to create a new IHME is a major vote of confidence for us,” says Chair of Pro Arte Foundation Tuula Arkio.

The artists are chosen by an expert team appointed by the Board of Pro Arte Foundation. A new member joined the group in summer 2018: the internationally recognized contemporary art curator, Professor Ute Meta Bauer. “We are really happy that Ute Meta Bauer accepted our invitation. She has crucial expertise specifically on projects combining research and art, and we expect to learn a lot from our mutual conversations,” says Paula Toppila.

In 2019, IHME will be transiting to its new operating model and preparing projects for 2020-22. As a consequence there will be no IHME events in 2019.

Further information: Executive Director Paula Toppila, paula.toppila@ihmefestival.fi, +358 (0)45 1240096

Press materials and photos: www.ihmehelsinki.fi/en/media. Password from Communications Officer Oona Simolin, oona.simolin@ihmefestival.fi, +358 (0)45 632 6267

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