IHME Club Presents: Felix Zenger & Samuli Kosminen, Mopo, Phantom



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IHME Club Presents: Felix Zenger & Samuli Kosminen, Mopo, Phantom


This is probably the closest I have ever come to making live music a miraculous* experience. It is particularly wondrous to be on stage and to experience the communication opening up in so many directions. Messages ricochet back and forth between the music makers, and yet everything depends on the tension between artist and audience – on that glorious, tingling connection that takes over all of our senses.”  – Tommy Lindgren

* Ihme means miracle in Finnish


IHME Club 2013 is planned by musician Tommy Lindgren. On Saturday 13 April IHME Days will continue into the night when a group of artists take the stage, each with their own soundscape.

The first encounter in a joint gig between Beatbox artist Felix Zenger and percussion wizard Samuli Kosminen will set the mood. Rhythms, buzzes, live sampling, and an improvised conversation between two different drummers. Rattling and raging to go after Zenger and Kosminen are the brilliant Mopo – the jazz trio of Linda Fredriksson, Eero Tikkanen and Eeti Nieminen, whose attitude is more snotty punk than cool bop. As night approaches, we will hitch a ride on the wings of the internationally up-and-coming Phantom. This nebulous spectre spawned by Hanna Toivonen and Tommi Koskinen offers gorgeous electronic indie pop, soulful singing and great visuals.

Old Student House, Great Hall, Saturday 13.4. at 22:00 – 04:00, free entry, minimum age 18. Read more here.


Further information:

about the Club: Tommy Lindgren, tommy(at)donjohnsonbigband.fi, tel. 040-5196 777

about the IHME Contemporary Art Festival: Executive Director  Paula Toppila, paula.toppila(at)ihmefestival.fi, tel. 045 1240096


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