IHME Contemporary Art Festival 2014 Programme Announced


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PRESS RELEASE February 5, 2014

IHME Contemporary Art Festival 2014 Programme Announced

This year’s 6th IHME Contemporary Art Festival centres on themes of national identity and multiculturalism. The Israeli artist Yael Bartana’s IHME Project 2014, True Finn – Tosi suomalainen, redefines Finnishness. These themes will be addressed in discussions, films, the Club and workshops. The artist herself will take part in the discussions, and talk about the background to her participatory artwork with curator Maria Lind (Stockholm) and the public on the IHME Days.
See the full calendar of discussions here.

Questions related to identity, ethnicity and skin colour are also addressed in the film programme. The artist Adrian Piper (b. 1948) has dealt with racism and xenophobia in her works. Her Passing Beyond Passing will get its world premiere on the IHME Days. The public will also have a unique opportunity to see Yael Bartana’s works in Finland. The programme includes the trilogy …And Europe Will Be Stunned (2007-2011), which caused a stir at the Venice Biennale in 2011, along with A Declaration (2006) and Inferno, completed last year.
See the full film programme here.

Visitors to the IHME Days will have a chance to imagine the world as a nicer place in visual artist Katja Tukiainen’s comic-strip workshop, or challenge their own prejudices in the Living Library or Shared Stories workshops, which promote the embracing of diversity and dialogue. The workshops are open to everyone and advance registration starts immediately.
See the participatory programme here.

IHME Project premiere: Bio Rex cinema, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, Monday, March 31 at 18:00, after which, the film will be viewable online on the Yle Areena TV on-demand service until May 31.

Festival’s discussions, films, Club and workshops at the Old Student House, Helsinki, April 4-6, 2014.

IHME Contemporary Art Festival full programme here.

Entry to all events is free.

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