IHME Contemporary Art Festival Draws a Grateful Public


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“By giving a face to outsiderness the work reminds us that what is at stake in questions of national identity is not just a theoretical definition, but a chance for different people to come together, and a promise that they will feel at home.”  Helsingin Sanomat 25.4.
“A good thing about the film is the way the participants throw themselves into it, but it also succeeds in giving an acute display of the clichés of the mythical Finn.”  Kansan Uutiset 4.4.

“I hope the True Finn film will be shown in Finnish schools and other educational institutions, in various different places.” – excerpt from audience feedback

This year’s sixth annual IHME Contemporary Art Festival was built around some topical themes – national identity and multiculturalism. These were set out in the Israeli artist Yael Bartana’s film True Finn, in which eight people with different ethnic backgrounds living in Finland discuss what Finnishness means today. Bartana’s film with English subtitles can be seen worldwide on the Yle Areena TV-on-demand service until July 31. Watch it here.

Discussion of the themes of the IHME Project continued on April 4-6 as part of the IHME Days programme, with Saturday’s talks attracting the biggest audience to the Old Student House. If you missed the IHME Days, you can catch up on IHME’s Youtube channel, which has selections from the various discussions in Finnish and English. Listen here.

IHME is still accepting feedback on this year’s Festival. The feedback is very valuable as we aim to develope the Festival’s program and marketing. All members of the public who have given feedback will be entered in a prize draw for IHME carrier bags containing a new book documenting Susan Philipsz’s sound works. The publication includes the artist’s IHME Project realized in Helsinki in 2010. Submit feedback here.

The IHME Contemporary Art Festival would like to thank the public and all our partners who helped us plan and carry out the events. An electronic publication documenting the Festival will appear in autumn 2014. The next IHME Days will be in March-April 2015.

“The highpoint of the year, definitely. A weekend well worth waiting for from one year to the next!” – excerpt from audience feedback

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Pro Arte Art Foundation Finland seeks to promote art in democratic society, as an important part of human life and everyday existence. The Foundation’s aim is to enhance the status and visibility of visual art, to improve the relationship between visual art and the public, and to make it more accessible. The Foundation’s work is international and directed at anyone interested in culture. The Foundation produces an annual IHME Contemporary Art Festival, consisting of a work by a chosen artist in public space, discussions, and art-education projects related to the work.