IHME Contemporary Art Festival is now IHME Helsinki


Press Release 21.5.2019

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IHME, which is known as a contemporary art festival, is changing its approach and continuing under the name IHME Helsinki. Contemporary art and new works commissioned from international artists remain at the core of that approach. The new focus is on collaboration between art and science, and on ecologically sustainable ways of working.

IHME’s Executive Director Paula Toppila says of the new approach and the background to it: “Over the last decade, operating environments have changed significantly, on the art scene, in Finnish society, and globally. Climate change and the crisis of sustainability will alter our lives irreversibly in the future. These phenomena are reflected in the growing interest among artists in collaborating with researchers from various fields. We would like to offer our audiences information, shared experiences and possibilities for creative thinking in the face of the forthcoming major changes. Art offers opportunities for looking at the world through alternative pasts, presents and futures. These points of departure mean that we also think it is important that we as a contemporary-art expert organization are involved in thinking about and testing sustainable operating models for producing art and knowledge in the age of ecological reconstruction.”

In 2020-22, IHME Helsinki will be funded by Pro Arte Foundation Finland, Kone Foundation, and the Saastamoinen Foundation. IHME’s activities will be free of charge in the future, too. More about IHME Helsinki >>

New expert team steers operations

The composition of the expert team that creates the framework for IHME is changing to match the new emphasis. Staying on the expert team are Professor of Contemporary Art Research at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts Helsinki Hanna Johansson and IHME Executive Director Paula Toppila, who will chair IHME Helsinki’s expert team. Also continuing on the team is the new arrival in autumn 2018, Director of Nanyang Technological University Centre for Contemporary Art in Singapore, curator and Professor Ute Meta Bauer. New members starting on the expert team in June are Professor at the University of Southampton and Docent of Digital Culture Theory at the University of Turku, Jussi Parikka, and the researcher and visual artist Antti Majava. More about the expert team >>

Jana Winderen is the artist for 2020

IHME’s current expert team has invited the Norwegian artist Jana Winderen to make the first Commission in Helsinki in 2020. Winderen is a sound artist who is interested in the sound environments and ecosystems produced by other species. She particularly investigates the underwater world using the latest technology as her tools. More about Jana Winderen >>

IHME Helsinki’s website is at: www.ihmehelsinki.fi and staff e-mail addresses have the new ending: @ihmehelsinki.fi.

Further information: Executive Director Paula Toppila, paula.toppila@ihmehelsinki.fi, +358 (0)45 1240096

Press materials and photos: https://www.ihmehelsinki.fi/en/media/

Password holder Päivi Matala, paivi.matala@ihmehelsinki.fi, + 358 (0)45 235 0080.

IHME Helsinki commissions international contemporary art for public space. Annual artworks created in partnerships with art, science and other disciplines offer viewpoints on the big questions of our time about the state of the planet. The experience of being in contact with the work will be carried on in discussion sessions and events. IHME’s free-of-charge programme is aimed at everyone who is interested in culture and ecological reconstruction both in Finland and abroad.