IHME Contemporary Art Festival and Kone Foundation start new collaboration


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Kone Foundation (Koneen Säätiö) and the IHME Contemporary Art Festival launch a collaboration aimed at facilitating bold new encounters. Kone Foundation has committed to funding the 2015–2017 editions of the IHME Contemporary Art Festival, which is run by Pro Arte Foundation Finland, with 300,000 euros annually, or 900,000 euros in all. The collaboration advances the work of both Foundations.

Kone Foundation’s goal is to create conditions for bold new approaches in research and the arts. The Foundation’s support for art includes running the Saari Residence in Mietoinen, Southwest Finland, awarding grants to artists, and staging special events.

“Facilitating encounters between people is central to Kone Foundation’s goals. We believe this will enable bold new departures. The policies applied by Pro Arte Foundation and the IHME Contemporary Art Festival are a good match for Kone Foundation’s goals,” says Hanna Nurminen, Chairperson of the Kone Foundation Board of Trustees.

“Kone Foundation’s decision is a prime example of the potential for collaboration on the art scene nowadays, and we hope it will also prompt others to consider combining forces,” says Tuula Arkio, Chair of the Board of Pro Arte Foundation.

Pro Arte Art Foundation Finland promotes art as an important part of human life and everyday existence. The Foundation’s aim is to enhance the status and visibility of visual art, to improve the relationship between visual art and the public, and to make it more accessible. The Foundation produces the annual IHME Contemporary Art Festival, consisting of a work by an internationally recognized artist in public space, discussion, and art-education projects related to the work.

Executive Director of Kone Foundation Anna Talasniemi has been appointed a member of the Board of Pro Arte Foundation as the representative of Kone Foundation.

Further information:
Executive Director, Kone Foundation, Anna Talasniemi, anna.talasniemi@koneensaatio.fi, +358 (0)41 437 6976
Executive Director, IHME Contemporary Art Festival, Paula Toppila, paula.toppila@ihmefestival.fi, +358 (0)45 1240 096

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