IHME events reached more than 8000 people


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“The whole thing has been fascinating and quite sensational. I tried out the museum objects at two of the points, and it was a splendid experience. Acid Brass warmed the heart of this old techno fan. I also took part in 24 Hour Rockshow.” – Visitor feedback

The seventh IHME Festival was built around the works of the British artist Jeremy Deller. The programme included: the Festival’s annual commissioned artwork – the IHME Project in the city’s public spaces; the Deller-curated 24 Hour Rockshow; and one of his breakthrough works from the 1990s – Acid Brass. These were the most popular items on the Festival programme, and attracted the biggest audiences. Altogether, the events reached more than 8000 people.

The Festival staged the IHME Project, Do Touch, in collaboration with Deller and seven historical museums in the Helsinki metropolitan region. This Project was very popular with city dwellers – 5500 people really got in touch with the museum objects and their stories. The most enthusiastic fans spent the week touring the various venues so as to try out all 42 objects that Deller had chosen, all of them being shown at the Old Student House to end the Festival. Audience comments and press articles about the Project >

The IHME Days discussion about Deller’s works and their themes on March 27-29 included contributions by Jeremy Deller and people who had experienced the works. If you missed the IHME Days, you can view selections from the speeches and discussions on IHME’s YouTube channel. Click here to visit the YouTube channel >

IHME is accepting feedback from the public on this year’s Festival. Feedback is important for developing the running of the Festival and communications. Everyone who gives audience feedback can enter a draw for a 100 euro Lippupiste gift card (the gift card can only be used in Finland). Give feedback >

The IHME Contemporary Art Festival would like to thank the public and all our partner individuals and organizations who helped plan and carry out the programme. An electronic publication documenting the Festival will be released in autumn 2015. The next IHME Festival will be in March-April 2016.

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Each year, IHME produces a work in public space by an international artist. The public is able to witness the initial stages of this unique creation. The artwork and the interpretations it evokes encourage independent thought and discussion. Art and science, past and present, meet in a multi-faceted programme of events. IHME is open to everyone who is interested in life and contemporary art.