IHME Festival looks at the world through the eyes of an insect


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This year’s IHME Festival’s commissioned work is the film THE BEETLE by Henrik Håkansson. The work gives a voice to an endangered species of beetle, Hylochares cruentatus, which can only be found in Vantaa. An event has been constructed around the IHME Project to offer new perspectives on the increasingly torrid relationship between man and the environment.

The film THE BEETLE will be premiered on Friday 25 May in Korjaamo Cultural Factory. The high-speed camera used in the film slows the little insect’s movements (it is less than a centimetre long) so clearly that the spectator gets a real close-up view. Experimental music pioneer Mika Vainio’s soundtrack emphasizes the beetle’s peculiar way of being, which is foreign to human existence. Read more about Håkansson’s IHME Project >

Korjaamo’s two-day Festival programme (25–26 May) extends the experience of the film by holding a discussion on the interface between art and ecology. THE BEETLE will be discussed by the artist and, among others, media researcher Professor Jussi Parikka. The programme also includes IHME Marathon, which has proven itself very popular over the years, takes 2.5 hours to look at public art projects in which, besides humans, representatives of other species play a role. Read more about the festival speech programme >

This year the Festival has gone out of its way to accommodate families with children with nonstop workshops where people can make insect masks or think about climate change through their own memories of the weather. After the workshops, family events continue in Myyrmäki, Vantaa, the home of Hylochares cruentatus. IHME is also involved in Louhela Jam on Sunday 3.6. Read more about IHME in Myyrmäki here >

25–26.5 at Korjaamo: THE BEETLE film, discussions, films and video art, festival clubs, workshops

3.6 Myyrmäki IHME: IHME at Louhela Jam festival in Jokiuoma park in Vantaa

27.5 IHME workshop Mätäjoki Armada: IHME and artist Antti Laitinen’s bark-boat workshop as part of Mätäjoki festival in Kannelmäki

IHME Festival’s background organization is Art Foundation Pro Arte. Since 2015 it has also been funded by Kone Foundation.

Further information: Executive director Paula Toppila, paula.toppila@ihmefestival.fi, tel. 045 1240096

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The annual IHME festival brings international contemporary art to public spaces. The IHME artist’s commissioned work surprises people on everyday routes, and even in places where art is rarely seen. The IHME Project continues as a free event that provides perspectives on the themes in the work. Our community-based IHME School is implemented in schools, youth centres and wherever the IHME Project is realised.