IHME Open Considers Energy Crisis



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IHME Open Considers Energy Crisis


Return to the economic growth is hard and maybe something to be avoided because growth equals more emissions. Soon we need to admit that cutting emissions is simply not enough.” – Jussi Laitinen


By adopting the two-flag, maritime semaphore signaling system in his work Signals Miroslaw Balka wants to consider the energy crisis and its effects on our lives. For example, how will we communicate if there is an energy crisis, since all our communication media now rely on digital systems?


IHME Open is a part of IHME Days discussion programme. This year’s theme is the energy crisis. The debate is lead by award-winning environmental writer and speaker Jussi Laitinen. He has invited author, journalist Risto Isomäki and environmental scientist Tuomas Mattila to join in the discussion.


IHME Open at Old Student House on Saturday, 13 April at 20:30-22:00.


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