IHME Project 2013 Speaks with the Citizens’ Voice


Press Release 29/1/2013

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IHME Project 2013 Speaks with the Citizens’ Voice

Signals, a work by the Polish artist Miroslaw Balka, creates space and time for important questions asked by city residents. It involves four Communication Points, which will be set up for a day in different parts of the city. At each Communication Point two city district communities will meet, bringing their questions with them. The participants will display their messages, first, in the city’s streets by means of flag signals used at sea. Then, each message will be opened up for a discussion participated in by local residents, politicians, civil servants and experts from other fields. The discussions will be chaired by cultural journalist Minna Joenniemi.


Details of the important questions, speakers and dates for each Communication Point: www.ihmehelsinki.fi


The IHME Project will take place straight after Easter, on April 4 –7, 2013. There are seven sites in all: Arabianranta, Kivinokka, Malmi, Pasila, Punavuori, Töölö and Roihuvuori.


The 2013 IHME Days are on 11–14.4.2013 at the Old Student House in Helsinki. During the IHME Days, Miroslaw Balka will discuss his project and answer questions from the public.


Want to interview Miroslaw Balka? Contact the Festival office/Paula Toppila, details below.


Want to interview city district representatives? Contact details below.


Further information and requests to interview Miroslaw Balka: IHME Contemporary Art Festival

Executive Director Paula Toppila, tel: +358 (0)45 124 0096, paula.toppila(at)ihmefestival.fi


District Association contacts

Kivinokka Association, Katriina Rosavaara, katriina.rosavaara(at)gmail.com, +358 (0)40 562 2314

Herttoniemi District Association, Hilkka Helsti, hilkka.helsti(at)kaapeli.fi, +358 (0)50 358 1575

Roihuvuori District Association, Otto-Ville Mikkelä, ovmikkela(at)gmail.com, +358 (0)45 209 0201

Malmi District Association, Maria Laurila, laurila.m(at)gmail.com, +358 (0)40 583 4654

Arabianranta-Toukola-Vanhakaupunki District Association, Janne Kareinen, jannekareinen(at)yahoo.com, +358 (0)45 631 6516, Saara Vanhala, artova.koordinaattori(at)gmail.com, +358 (0)44 2750180

Pasila Community House, Sonja Salomäki, sonja.salomaki(at)gmail.com, +358 (0)50 5163090

Rööperifest, Hanna Haavikko, marjaana.sorakunnas(at)kolumbus.fi, +358 (0)50 337 4382

Tölö Specialiseringsgymnasium School, Laila Rebers-Holländer, laila.rebers-hollander(at)edu.hel.fi


IHME Contemporary Art Festival / Pro Arte Art Foundation Finland

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 The Foundation produces an annual IHME Contemporary Art Festival, consisting of a commissioned work of art in a public space, as well as lectures, discussions, and art-education projects.