IHME Project 2013 to be carried out in collaboration with eight City of Helsinki’s district communities


Press Release 12/11/2012

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IHME Project 2013 to be carried out in collaboration with eight City of Helsinki’s district communities

Eight districts of Helsinki will be collaborating in next year’s IHME Project through the following communities: Arabianranta-Toukola-Vanhakaupunki District Association, Herttoniemi District Association, Pasila Community House, Kivinokka Association, Malmi District Association, Roihuvuori District Association, Töölö Movement, and Rööperifest.

An open invitation was sent out in September, inviting to take part in the art work Signals by the Polish artist Miroslaw Balka. The artist wishes to give the space and time of his art work to the important questions of the city communities, as well as open up the questions to public discussion. The city communities’ important questions will be signalled in the urban space with semaphore signal flags, previously used in the maritime communication.  These visual signals lead to the venues where the open discussion of the most pressing topics takes place.

The IHME Project 2013 will take in different parts of the city of Helsinki in March and April, 2013. The 2013 IHME Days will be on 12 – 14.4.2013 in the Old Student House in Helsinki. Free admission to all events.


Further information:

IHME Festival of Contemporary Art, Executive Director Paula Toppila, +358 (0)45 – 124 0096, paula.toppila@ihmefestival.fi

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The Foundation produces the yearly IHME Contemporary Art Festival, which includes a commissioned art work in public space, discussions, and art educational projects.