IHME Project premiere at Bio Rex cinema, Helsinki, March 31


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This year’s commissioned project for the IHME Contemporary Art Festival, the Israeli Yael Bartana’s art film True Finn – Tosi suomalainen, is to premiere on Monday, March 31, at 18:00 at the Bio Rex cinema, Helsinki. The film is in Finnish with English subtitles. The premiere showing will be the only performance of the work in a cinema. Immediately after the performance, cultural journalist Minna Joenniemi will interview Yael Bartana in English, and the participants in the work, the people who appear in the film, in Finnish. Entrance is free. Members of the media can still reserve seats for this unique film showing: register on the Festival website by March 24, 2014.

Following the premiere, the film will be viewable online on the Yle Areena on-demand-TV service. The time limit for viewing on Yle Areena has been extended, and geographical access expanded: the film will now be viewable online until the end of July, from anywhere in the world.


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