Katja Tukiainen Will Create the IHME Workshop at the Ateneum Art Museum


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The voting period for the IHME in Ateneum project by the IHME Contemporary Art Festival and the Ateneum Art Museum was concluded at the end of November 2013.  In the open competition the audience got to choose an artist for the workshop from among the candidates appointed by the festival expert team.  The workshop, which will take place in April 2014, is part of the program of the IHME Contemporary Art Festival 2014 and of the 125th anniversary program of the Ateneum Art Museum. 800 friends of visual arts took part in the audience competition during October-November 2013.

The audience chose as its favorite the New World through Comics workshop by Katja Tukiainen. The participants in the comics workshop will get to try out how they would change the world if they were a Wonder woman, Wonder man or Wonder child. The fairytale-like imagery of Katja Tukiainen’s works holds within strong social themes.  The voters were especially inspired by the theme and technique introduced by the workshop. They also appreciated how well it suits participants of all ages and the idea of comic art standing out as an equal art form among others in the museum context.

A winner was also selected among the voters for the comics workshop in the audience competition. Pia Talvala, from Kuusankoski, Southern Finland, will get to participate in the IHME workshop at the Ateneum Art Museum during 5-6 April, 2014. The prize also includes a return trip to Helsinki and an overnight stay at Hotel Scandic Marski in Helsinki for the winner and her friend, as well as an annual pass for three providing free entrance to the Ateneum Art Museum.

The IHME Days will take place at the Old Student House in Helsinki during 4-6 April, 2014. The expert team for the IHME Contemporary Art Festival includes (chairperson)  Counselor for Cultural Affairs  Tuula Arkio;  Leevi Haapala Ph.D, Hanna Johansson Ph.D, Executive Director Paula Toppila and art critic Timo Valjakka.

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