Yael Bartana’s IHME Project filmed in Kirkkonummi


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Press Release 30.1.2014

Yael Bartana’s IHME Project filmed in Kirkkonummi

“Despite its evident impossibility the multicultural and inclusive society was proven imaginable during the seven days in the house. The utopian moment became true.” – Yael Bartana

The filming of the 2014 IHME Project has just ended in the countryside of Kirkkonummi. This year’s work commissioned for the IHME Contemporary Art Festival is the film True Finn – Tosi suomalainen by the Israeli artist Yael Bartana. The film deals with Finnish national identity asking what are we talking about when we talk about Finnish identity right now.

Eight people with different cultural backgrounds took part in the artwork. The participants were selected to join in the work via an open call at the end of last year. The participants are: Komugi Ando; Mustafe Hagi; Stanislav Marinets; Anna Miettinen; Tiina Pirttilahti; Martin-Éric Racine; Peter Rosvik; and Tuisku Torkkeli. The film’s premiere is on March 31 at the Bio Rex cinema. Entry to the screening is free. The film can be viewed on the Finnish YLE Areena online service from March 31 until May 31, 2014.

The producer of the 2014 IHME Project is Hanna Karppinen. The cinematographers are Sari Aaltonen and Iddo Soskolne. Tuomas Alatalo and Tomi Rajala are the sound engineers. Set and lighting design are by Jackie Shemesh (London), assisted by trainee Anna Jaatinen. The sound design is by Daniel Meir (Tel Aviv), and the theme music is composed by Pessi Levanto. The editor is Jenny Tervakari and assistant editor Sanna Kuittinen. The production assistants during the week’s shooting were Anu Asmala, Veera Alastalo, Taina Heinonen, Vappu Tainio and Suvi Tervahauta.

Members of the research group are, apart from the artist, researcher Illa Ben Porat (Tel Aviv); writer and sociologist Jari Ehrnrooth; and the Executive Director of the Festival Paula Toppila, who is also the production manager of the commission.


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