Yle Areena to show 2014 IHME Project


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Yle Areena to show 2014 IHME Project

The work of art commissioned for this year’s IHME Contemporary Art Festival, Yael Bartana’s True Finn – Tosi suomalainen, is to be shown on the Yle Areena TV-on-demand service from March 31 onwards. Yle Areena was named Finnish online medium of the year in 2013 and, according to a survey by market research company Taloustutkimus, YLE Areena is the most valued online media brand in Finland. Yle Areena is used by more than 300,000 people a day.

“One aim of both Yle and IHME is, openly and in interaction with Finns, to create a diverse culture. This year’s IHME Project is a good example of this: it was created in collaboration with Finns of various ethnic backgrounds. In the film they address an issue that affects all Finns: What does Finnishness mean right now? We are really happy that Yle Areena is showing new, international contemporary art in its schedule, and supporting our Festival’s efforts to make contemporary art more accessible and better known,” says Executive Director of the IHME Contemporary Art Festival Paula Toppila. Head of Internet Media at Yle Mary Gestrin is also very pleased with the collaboration with the IHME Festival. “One stated key objective of Yle’s strategy is diverse cultural production made in interaction with Finns. This project is a perfect example of that.”

Each year for the last five years, IHME Projects have been produced for various public spaces: a railway station, a park, city streets, a market square, public libraries, and on television. Yle has been involved in previous projects, too. The ‘arena’ for this year’s IHME Project is the digital web environment: Yle Areena’s on-demand service, 31.3–31.5.2014.


Further information:

Executive Director Paula Toppila, paula.toppila@ihmefestival.fi, +358 45 124 0096 and Head of Internet Media at Yle Mary Gestrin, +358 400 703 861


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Please ask for a username and password from Assistant Vappu Tainio, vappu.tainio@ihmefestival.fi, +358 (0)45 632 6267


Pro Arte Art Foundation Finland seeks to promote art in democratic society, as an important part of human life and everyday existence. The Foundation’s aim is to enhance the status and visibility of visual art, to improve the relationship between visual art and the public, and to make it more accessible. The Foundation’s work is international and directed at anyone interested in culture. The Foundation produces the annual IHME Contemporary Art Festival, consisting of a work by a chosen artist in public space, discussions, and art-education projects related to the work.


Yle Areena is Yle’s online TV-on-demand service and is accessed from about 2 million unique web browsers every week.