Young people’s opinions on display at the IHME workshop


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IHME Workshop 2017, a collaboration between IHME and the City of Helsinki Youth Department, will take place at Kannelmäki Youth Centre in February-April next year. The workshop will be devised and run by the artist duo Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger. The IHME Workshop, What’s on your mind? (Mitään mieltä), will comprise a series of 14 workshops in which a mobile pop-up tent will be jazzed up for young people to use. During the workshops young participants will think about what matters to them and what messages they want to make public. The work requires a hands-on approach: participants will express their opinions by making pennants, badges and banners to be fixed to the tent.

The contents of IHME Workshop and the approaches used are under long-term development. Young people in Kannelmäki responded to questionnaires saying they want to liven up their immediate environment, and, in the spring, the entire residential district will be taken up as a canvas to be acted on. The tent will also be open to the district’s residents, and, later on, young people will be able to borrow it for their own events. Hamm and Kamanger are the IHME Workshop’s first resident artists, and will work in Kannelmäki every week for a full three months. More details about participation and the schedule on the IHME School website >

IHME Workshop is a partnership project between the IHME Contemporary Art Festival  and the City of Helsinki Youth Department begun in 2012, to be carried out jointly by young people, the chosen artist, the IHME Workshop Producer and youth-centre staff. The work is always led by an artist: the methods of contemporary art are applied to the working process, and participants get an insight into the world of art, including from a professional angle. Youth workers contribute their expertise in all the phases of the project, and the Producer ensures that the whole thing can be carried out to a high standard. The method has been modelled in the TuOTa yhdessä! project conducted in 2014-2015 by Humak University of Applied Sciences and the City of Helsinki Youth Department.

IHME Workshop is intended to strengthen young people’s ties with Helsinki and to give them an opportunity to exert an influence by doing things together. The underlying idea is the youth-work principle that everyone has a right to feel they matter. Young people get a greater sense of meaning in life when they get to be seen as capable, respected agents.

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Each year, IHME produces a work in public space by an international artist. The immediate experience of the artwork is carried on in the Festival programme, which opens up discussion and encourages independent thought. IHME is open to everyone who is interested in life and contemporary art.